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New friend of mine – Cumulus Lite Line 300

Cumulus Lite Line 300

For some time I’m working on a text about how to choose and buy a right sleeping bag. It will be a summary of a few dozen e-mails to producers and distributors, several fittings on many shop floors, couple of months of nerves and a final selection. But before I describe this winding path, I want to present its ending – that is my new sleeping bag.

Cumulus Lite Line 300 Custom
Cumulus Lite Line 300 Custom

Cumulus Lite Line 300 Custom – is a tailored to my size custom version of a down sleeping bag from an ultra-light series of Polish producer – Cumulus. After years of discomfort in too small sleeping bags I wanted a bit of luxury, which is why mine has extra 15 cm in bust and aditional 50g of down necessary to maintain the desired thermal performance with increased chambers volume. According to the manufacturer (which I had yet to verify) sleeping bag is to provide comfort to me at 4 ° C (limit set to 0 ° C, and the extreme to -15 ° C). It’s still more than usualy need, but I prefer to unzip than to be cold at night.

Ingredients for this sleeping bag are very simple: 300g of great Polish 850 cuin goose down (plus these additional 50g I’ve mentioned), enclosed in Pertex Quantum 35g/m2 fabric and YKK zip. It’s a bit like yeast dough – the ingredients are simple but not everyone can do it. In this case, however, you can see that we are dealing with professionals.

Różnej szerokości pasy oznaczają kolejne komory śpiwora, po drugiej stronie jest odwrotnie bo mają przekrój trapezu.
Variable stripes width (the other side is opposite) mark the trapezoid-shape chambers.

All of the 34 down chambers are build in trapezoid shape therefore which reduces the heat loss at the stitches. An additional baffle  by the hood and a down filled tunnel along the zip – everything just to stop warmed air from escaping from.. The culmination of the sleeping bag is comfortable hood with a simple shock-cordua. I have no objection to the quality and aesthetic of the sleeping bag. Zips work smoothly and don’t tend to “catch” the material, although it is rather to be checked during outdoor conditions.

Gdybym wiedział poprosiłbym o nieco większą kieszonkę koniecznie w kontrastowym kolorze bo bę ciężko znaleźć.
If i only knew I’d ask to cut the inside pocket from outer fabric for easy pocket locating.

There is a small pocket inside the sleeping bag. At first, even I could not find it (a pity that it is not sewn in a contrasting color like the one from outside layer). It is so small that my Samsung Galaxy S5 in armored Otter Box Defender case hardly fits inside, but I’m not sure if this is a flaw. Keeping something a quarter of the bag’s weight does not seem to make much sense.

Having a sleeping bag custom tailored we can afford to change the color. I’ve choosen green for the outside, but inside I left black for two reasons. First of all, black is practical, the second thing is that exposed to the sun it  heats up faster so will support the evaporation of water from the sleeping bag which in the case of down bags is very important. Manufacturer brands the sleeping bag on the footprint and on the top. Unfortunately, in my model instead of the standard embroidery has thermal-transfer foil, which may peel over time. I learned this the price per individual sewing as they don’t do embroidery in-house. Well, I think I can live with that.

Tak wypada wielkość skompresowanego śpiwora w porówaniu z 1l butelką. To niesamowite!
Packed sleeping bag compared to 1l water bottle. Incredible!

Manufacturer provides two bags – one large for storage and the small one, which compresses the sleeping bag. This little bag is basically the only drawback I can see at this point. This is not a strap-compression sack so you have to shove the sleeping bag inside. I understand that losing the straps means losing few grams but my enlarged sleeping bag seems to be little to big for this bag and packing it requires a lot of practice, which I seem to miss.

All of above are just the elements, what matters is the final result, which is how the sleeping bag will work and how it will behave over time. The first impression is very positive. The sleeping bag was not cheap so my expectations are great. What calms me is reputation of Cumulus and ten-year (!) warranty provided.

I’d say that It’s really worth to buy polish down sleeping bags. We have a long tradition of geese breeding and raising high quality down. All Polish products, which have so far seen, are done very carefully using the best materials and the highest quality down. At the same time they are characterized by a very good quality to price ratio.

Śpiwór w worku do przechowywania nie gniecie się za bardzo i może swobodnie "oddychać".
Storing mesh bag lets the sleeping bag “breathe” and store it freely.
Stuffsack compresses sleeping bag although it is not as easy as in the case of bags with compression stripes.

Lite Line 300 (manufacturer specs):

  • Total weight: 640 g
  • Down weight: 300 g
  • Weight of unfilled sleeping bag: 340 g
  • Comfort temperature: 4 ˚C
  • Limit temperature: 0 ˚C
  • Extreme temperature: -15 ˚C
  • Maximum user height: 185 cm
  • Length: 202 cm
  • Width (top/bottom): 77/51 cm
  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 22/16 cm
  • Stuffsack’s volume: 4,4 l
  • Number of down chambers: 34
  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum, 35 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: Trapezoid chambers
  • Independently filled top and bottom of the sleeping bag
  • 175 cm YKK separating zip with two self-locking sliders
  • Can be opened and ventilated at the bottom of the sleeping bag
  • Can be combined with other sleeping bags
  • Full length, down-filled, zip insulating baffle
  • Three-dimensional, elastic adjustable hood fitted with stopper
  • Internal pocket
  • Additional, large mesh bag to store your sleeping bag at home


  • Great review, thanks! I’m thinking about buying this bag so it was really helpful. I have thought about buying their quilts but I’m now leaning towards the lite line. I can’t decide on whether to get the 300 or 400 though…

    • Hi David! Thank you for your kind words. I think that It’s always better to unzip than to regret. Big knife will do small knife’s work but not the other way around.

  • Hej! Przymierzam się do kupna tego śpiworu, dziękuję za przydatną recenzję. Poprawilabym tylko jedno: temperatura komfortu 4 st. to komfortowa temperatura podana dla kobiet, a z Twojego wpisu to nie wynika. Pozdrawiam!

  • Cześć, dzięki za recenzję.
    Jestem ciekaw czy śpiwór sprawdził się w boju? Czy według Ciebie parametry podane przez producenta mają ręce i nogi?:)

    • Śpiwór służy mi już 4 rok i nie zamieniłbym go na nic innego. Termika jest strasznie indywidualną kwestią. Mogę tylko powiedzieć, że 5 stopni w hamaku (z podpinką cumulusa) nie było większym problemem (spałem skąpo odziany). Śpiwór miał jedną przygodę (Michaina zrobiła w nim dziurkę) i tutaj też kolejne punkty dla Cumulusa – ekspresowa naprawa, która nie zostawiła ANI ŚLADU.

      • ekstra, dzięki za ekspresową odpowiedź 🙂
        No właśnie, potwierdziłeś moje przypuszczenia, że kupując u Cumulusa zyskujemy dostęp do sprawnego “wsparcia”.

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