I always say this is „my river”. It’s with me since childhood,  I traversed some of its parts repeatedly admiring beautiful surroundings. My father also grew up by Warta river, that was him who taught me this river …

I remember first time when I saw the Vistula – the queen of Polish rivers – I felt a little sad that Warta is so small. For me Warta was always the greatest river in the world (well, in Poland at least). I’d love Warta to  live again, clear a bit and encourage people to use it for travels and transportation. I am glad that slowly it happens, that there are people who know how important a river is to the city.

It is difficult to understand that the city settled upon river then turn it’s back on same river.

Plaża Miejska na Szelągu, Poznań, Poland (on the horizon Power Plant Karolin)

Shot with: Olympus OMD E-M10

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