September afternoon, I’m walking the city with my kids. Such a great day. As always a camera is swinging on my neck. I’m talking to my daughter but the same time trying not to miss something worth capturing. We turn into Stawna Street, just by the Synagogue, we turned west just into the sun which was just about to hide behind the roofs of old buildings at Wroniecka. Sun gives so much heat same time you feel the cold shadow just waiting to come. Everything is slightly blurred, you have to squint your eyes. I see the man with a dog – snap, snap – there’s a frame there. I look at this couple – a man with a dog, so common yet every time I think about their companionship.

It’s always good to go for a walk but even better to go for a walk with someone.

Stawna St., Poznań, Poland
Shot with: Olympus OMD E-M10

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