About 500miles…

500 miles – exactly 804 km and 672 meters. A lot? Something that’s a lifetime achievement for one biker can be just a single stage in the much longer trip for the other. Bu does it really matter? 500 miles traveled in the neighborhood can be as fascinating as in other country. What really counts is what you take on trip inside you and what you’re getting back with.

Adventure always, trail everywhere.


Bez hamaka ani rusz
Wojtek nearly doesn’t go anywhere without a hammock.

Wojtek – bicycle freak affecte sinc his childhood with love for watersports, camping and close contact with nature. Avid foto tourist in his own city (Poznań). Sworn micro- and domestic travel lover. More confident feel on the ground or on the water than in air (that’s why he rarely and unwillingly get onto the airplane). Bit of a geek, a little bit of a gadget freak… Actually he’s like a Swiss army knife – a little bit of everything.

Ewa on the Keekorok airstrip in Masai Mara.

Ewa – her thing are long-distance trips, for which she goes often and willingly, almost always with a camera in hand and the eternal hunger of new places, images and flavors. Many times in her life she changed address (including countries), her ability for quick house moving is likely to be once described as a unique method of settlement and be called by her name. Always willing to travel, most of the time in the state not-yet-unpacked-almost-packed. The list of places she visited is really impressive.

We decided to gather our forces and make a place for our big and small trips and travels, for our photos and videos and for our memories, for tests and tips, reviews, descriptions and reflections. In addition, It a new web home for the project “Poznan – Portrait of a City”, which Wojtek began in 2015. It’s probably going to be chaotic, it may be irregular but it will be honest place built from the heart and own experience.

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Why 500 miles?

This is one of many reasons…