Far Away

They lost my luggage… again…

Hand luggage
Hand luggage

Usually my hand luggage is very well prepared (or almost..). Because you know – you never know.
This time both my suitcase and hand luggage were packed in a “last minute” mode.
I don’t know why, it just happened.

And of course – they lost my luggage. It barely had to make Paris-Milan-Palermo route.
If I made it (and I really thought that I will leave my knees stuck in the seat in front of me..), so why not my suitcase?
Well, it didn’t make it. I don’t know where it is and nor Alitalia. Not very reassuring…

I started by saying that usually my hand luggage is quite well prepared.
Since I knew that this time it was not the case – almost like a castaway on a desert island – I gathered everything I have with me and tried to evaluate my survival chances. 😉
And as Wojtek says it, as I am at permanent “not yet unpacked, not yet packed” state – it’s never entirely sure what I have with me.

So here it is:
a) photographic equipment – very good
– camera, spare batteries, memory cards, cards’ reader, charger, remote switch, PC with charger, external memory disk (and even an USB key that did not make it to the photo).

b) phone(s) – very good
– both phones are with me (one on the pic, the other one was taking the pic), charger (even 2.. I just skipped the other one from the pic)

c) personal hygiene – could be better
– toothbrush, mouth wash, hand cream, lip balm and conditioner, antibacterial gel, tweezers, nailfile, lip gloss, face powder, nail polish remover (I was surprised myself..), tissues, body balm, very easily absorbable high dosage vitamin C, compeed

d) “must have” – very good
– wallet, sunglasses, headphones, watch – I don’t go anywhere without this set

e) Robinson Crusoe would be proud…
– matches (brough from USA), flashlight (apparently left in my bag since the Iceland trip), baseball hat (apparently it was in the backpack from the Chile / Bolivia trip..), safety pins, sleeping mask, pen, hairband (brought from Japan 8 years ago!), dried fruits (peach, mango, pineapple) and nuts;

And last but not least – spork 🙂 Gift from Wojtek, a brilliant friend and the main author of this blog, who contrary to me is always very well and mega lightly packed 🙂

So what do I miss?
– a change of lingerie
– 1 or 2 t-shirts
– extra socks
– perfume
– antiperspirant
– mascara 😉

And basically with these few things I would be calmer.
For the moment I count on getting my luggage back (yeap, they still don’t know where it is…), but I regret greatly that I did not take enough time to read about the awesome bday gift my brother wanted to make me. The luggage tracker. Oh I could use it today…


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